Mudd 5 years ago

Need to playoff win to advance to the superbowl for a chance to win the jackpot. I've been playing for years but seem to always pick wrong in the post season for some reason.

At QB: Luck or Ryan?

At RB & WR: We start 2 RB's, 3 WR's, and 1 RB/WR flex.

My options are - Martin, Wilson, Sproles, Turbin

........................ Wallace, Fitz, Nicks, Gordon, Moore, Britt, Amendola.

Mudd 5 years ago

This is a local league with real-life buddies. Dynasty keeper a few years going. I traded Lynch away to obtain pick #2 and took Luck. I had pick 4 and took Martin. Just an 8 owner league. Traded Shawn Green for pick 8 and took Wilson(Bad trade to this poin, but may finally pay off this week?)

DallasFootball 5 years ago

i would say Martin, and Wilson, Wallace, Nicks,and Britt. if it's a league that pays on KR/PR yards Sproles is a must start, if not it's a tough call between Sproles, Fitz, or Amendola. keep an eye on Fitz questionable. hope that helps.

Mudd 5 years ago

I appreciate any and all input. Thanks for taking the time to comment. No KR/PR points unless it's a TD. 1point for every 10 rushing or recieving. 6 points for TD's.

I do have Martin and Wilson in right now. Right now I have Wallace, Nicks, and Gordon in, with Moore as my flex. We only differ on Britt. I'll take a second look at him.