nine9s 5 years ago

For example, my team has an X denoting that it has clinched a wildcard spot, but based on our league rules, I cannot see how it made that 100% call.

I need to know because the team I am playing this week is borderline playoffs and if it beat me, it would win my division and be in the play-offs. And I do not care about seeding. But if he beats me and makes the play-offs that means his team will be ranked higher at end, and I have that team's second round pick, which being a snaked-draft means the better he does, the earlier that pick will be.

So I want to confirm that denotation is correct.

pappy52 5 years ago

you don't have an x, you have an asterisk, denoting if the season ended right then you would make the playoffs.

rangerdave 5 years ago

Unless you have two user accounts, your team does not have an icon next to your team name indicating you have already clinched a wildcard berth. You have an asterik by your team name indicating that you would make the playoffs if the season were to end before the conclusion of this week's game.

nine9s 5 years ago

It was changed from yesterday.