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12 team Daily scoring

Roster Requirements 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 C, 2 ANY

Totals 14: 7 Starters, 7 Bench, +2 IR

League Rules:

Scoring Rules:

KEEPER AMT: You can keep a Max of 12 players, and a minimum of 7 players total. No more than for of the keepers may rank among the league top 50 players at the end of the season(unless you drafted the player as a rookie. Players drafted as rookies dont count against this total and may always be kept unless cut or traded from roster)

Team "L.A.P.D." is available and has been drafted for the year already.....

Notable Players: Tony Parker PG, D.Wade SG, Paul Pierce SF, K.Garnett PF, A.Bynum C

I have created this new custom league, with a unique set of rules that make things more interesting from the keeper standpoint each year. It emphasizes the importance of drafting & holding on to quality rookies each year. I am putting together a forum to keep track of drafted rookies by each team. It's a daily league, but i have a start limit of 35 and a -500 pt penalty that will be deducted from those who go over it, that increases by 100pts each time u break the rule. You can look over the scoring system and custom rules posted on the message board.

Each owner is responsible for counting the starts they plug in during each scoring period, but there is a Commissioner in each division who will keep an eye on things and remind owners that are in danger of going over the limit. Wednesday mornings I post a tally of starts made by each owner on the message and forward it to all via league mail. The Scoring period is Friday through Thursday!

I have run a football version of this league now on ESPN for the past 3 years. It's pretty fun, and challenging . The draft is very important. 3 different winners in 3 years. The first couple years are about getting strong impact rookies that will give you extra top end players to keep. There are restrictions on the playes whom you can keep. Rookies you draft, and never cut or trade are considered ROOKIE EXCEPTION ELIGIBLE, and do not count against the restriction totals. So its not smart to neglect to draft and stash rookies on your least 1 or 2.

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Contact me at if interested

Tommy_HUSTLE 5 years ago

This team is now available:

Notable Players: Dwight Howard, Roy hibbert, Goran Dragic, Chandler parsons, Demarcus Cousins....

Rookie Exception Eligible Players are: Thomas Robinson