J-J 5 years ago

thank you fleaflicker.

i know y'all took a lot of criticism these past few years over not implementing limits so i figured someone should at least share thanks for them now being offered.

LegendoftheGame 5 years ago

I think Flea should offer many limits to league maybe beginning at 3-10 and allow the leagues to decide . Many of the leagues I manage have a bench of 9 and then your allowed 3 per scoring period . I've had alot of instances where most seem to think they can go in and just claim any player they wish everyday mostly going at pitchers .

BPTom 5 years ago

But you should make the rules before the season starts not after the season is in full swing and particularly not to make it to your advantage Anyone who reads this should look in the other baseball forum and look up Dishonest Commishes and you'll see Legend of the Game's history.....

J-J 5 years ago

the only improvement i can suggest is maybe offer a few more options.

i feel like for the leagues i commish, 10 moves per week would be ideal.

but 7 certainly works.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks J-J, we're trying to perfect them to make it even more user friendly. Appreciate the kind words, means a lot