Phreddieboy 6 years ago

I can't figure out what is what with the colours except that red for a pitcher, in the opp team, means he's starting. Is there a place to look this crap up?

Brand new to baseball pools and have only been an occasional baseball fan until this pool, so some of the acronyms for stats are new too. Is there a help tab, a legend or cursor over function that I am missing? Thanks

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Welcome to Fleaflicker, I see you are playing baseball here.

Here is how the color coding works:

They are coded based on how that player you are looking at ranks within the fantasy league and it depends on how many players your league starts at the position.

For example, if a player is the 13th best 1B at a category and your league of 12 teams starts exactly 1 1st baseman, that player is a bad starter to have.

you should have one of the top 12 guys.

Red = Bad -- Worse than all other starters (13th or worse in the above example)

Orange= Below Average -- (80+%, So in the above example 10th 1st basemen or worse)

No Color= Average -- Between the 25th-80th% (Ranks between 4th and 10th 1st basemen in above league example)

Green = Good -- Good Player to Heave (Ranks in the top 25%. So in the above example, the player in green should be in the

top 3 1st Basemen).

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.

Phreddieboy 5 years ago

TY I didn't see the notification up by my name until today... ;) I gleaned a little bit of that by jst watching it develop.