Mapleleafed56 2 years ago

DO NOT PLAY IN THIS MANS LEAGUE!!!!!!!! I was in 1st place at 12-0 and his team was in 3rd in another division at 7-5 so he decided to change the rules. I didn't like it but I had to live with it. He makes the move in the midst of a on going game and goes into peoples rosters to drop players. If that inst bad enough he locks up your team so you cant make any moves. I got PISSED and said so, ask nice at first for my players back and let me make my move but no he wouldn't. YES I lost my temper and reported him for cheating !!!!! So as any good Commissioner would do he deletes me from the League. I guess if you cant win fair and square become Commish so you can eliminate anyone that beats you !!!!

buzkill 11 months ago

Not great but would still like to join let me know if it's kool

Legault11 11 months ago

I caught him cheating to improve his draft position...The league didn't even start and he was cheating,changing the rules ,draft order,everything. I call him on it,he denies it with some bull excuse,I drop out,and he e-mails me calling me a "true hero" and a "plague".

He should have been drafting last in the first round and ends up drafting #1 overall. I e-mail him to say "way to go, I hope you win cheater"and he e-mails me back calling me an "idiot" and a "moron"! What a piece of work this guy is!

Michael Richardson=CHEATER

Imagine what this guy does when money is involved? BEWARE of Legend of the Game!!!!!!!!!

GoLeafsGo77 11 months ago

He got deleted from mine a long, long time ago for the same crap.

Legault11 11 months ago

It's funny that all the people I'm involved with in leagues this year, have nothing good to say about this guy,and yet he's still operating. I think he's on his last leg, just needs a good shove.