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For Germany's World Cup five games all forecasting the correct Germany Paul chose Spain octopus. The results of the German fans, Paul was disappointed after four choices in Germany, Germany win all. The only choice of the opponent's game, the lakers lost to Serbia. Paul can continue magic, octopus, tomorrow morning after the semi-final can be.

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The preparations are being made to Germany by Paul, not the German football association President Franz beckenbauer in World Cup winning coach conference finals in Germany team, and Germany midfielder ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe will get the globes. He thinks, the biggest advantage is Germany overall coordination: "Spain tougher than Argentina and England's win, but I think the more likely highly attention. Team spirit, is the key to Germany. In contest trustworthy, I think the final against and 1974 World Cup finals in Germany, Holland. Low a charismatic coach, he entrusted to young players, and obtain the reward."

Euro 2008 final defeat to Germany, Spain. Germany coach joachim loew said the World Cup semi-finals, revenge, "now situation is different, more powerful than the 2008 us, we have a chance to win." About the contrast, he said: "the Spanish is the best team in the World Cup and they organized, proving inconclusive. We are the only way to win, forcing them to mistake." No serious injuries, German playmaker muller to team has suspended, loew said: "he's a suspension, but I believe anyone can replace him, LuoHuoFu, examination, and Tony croce."

Since the World Cup after the transformation of Germany, the World Cup a high attack on the young players played on passionate. Spain's first two games knockout, rely on the uniform goal of beriah performance entered the final four. Two teams for the technical flow attack-minded is more exquisite technology, Spain, personal ability is strong, Germany's star of the whole organization and physical condition. And when the euro 2008 finals, compared to the Spanish midfielder interception ability and the ability to score, because senna decline of the absence and fernando torres. Cruyff, Spain's unsolved problems: "after beating Portugal, Spain, many people think Spain has exceeded biggest obstacle, actually said earlier, through the game against Paraguay in Spain could see from."

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