GlenQuagmire 9 years ago

is it perfectly reasonable and LEGAL for me (being in a daily lineup fantasy league) to add and drop starting pitchers on the days they are starting. So say a pitcher is pitching on a tuesday, tuesday morning, i pick him up, and drop another SP, on Wednesday, i drop the pitcher i added on tuesday and pick up another SP who is starting Wednesday night. is this a legal way to go about my season?

MEATHEAD57 9 years ago

Thats how you should play in a daily league

junglejunky 9 years ago

the problems arise when there are no waiver claim systems in place, essentially making leagues a streaming haven. without waivers, those with limited access to computers are at a competitive disadvantage against the GM who can log on at the crack of dawn, grab 4 or 5 of the highest-scoring SP's going that day & leave the scraps for Ol Joe when he gets home from the construction site in the afternoon. without transacation limits, which FF admins say will be available for football season, players are left to limit themselves; so, a "middle road" principle of streaming 1-2 SP's per day, ensuring every owner has a shot at adding/cutting SP each day, & making it fair & enjoyable for everyone. that's how a season (without waivers in a daily) should be played

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scotto1959 9 years ago

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