BillyJoeBob 4 years ago

Will he be eligible soon or do you need to wait for SF to officially put him on an inactive list?

Thanks in advance, trying to pickup another prospect but need to put Lattimore on IR first.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We're waiting on a response from the department that handles injuries. We are hoping to get an updated list of injuries soon, especially for keeper and dynasty leagues. We'll keep you updated. This is a similar thread to the Crabtree thread, so we are working on it.

Thanks in advance.

BillyJoeBob 4 years ago

Ok, thanks. I searched for Lattimore, did not think of looking under a Crabtree thread.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

No problem, it is something we would like to get updated at least for the guys who are out for extended periods of time like Crabtree (not as important for guys who may be week-to-week or will likely start training camp). Even someone like R. Gronkowski would be tough to rule out. But it is more important for guys like Crabtree.

fishbrains 4 years ago

Any update on Lattimore?

Maximum-Puns 4 years ago

I have roster cuts in one day and I really need lattimore to be placed on NFI to be eligible for PUP....