guth56 1 decade ago

How do I add players to my waiver claims? I go to the waiver claim area, click on add claim and it takes me to the player area yet I can't seem to add any of the locked players to my waiver claims. What am I doing wrong?

dj1288 1 decade ago

if a player is a "free agent" why would you have to go through the waiver process? I can understand if a player is "dropped" and the waiver process, but not a free agent...they should be signed 1st come 1st served

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Mark,

First off, we're aware that a lot of owners are confused by the waiver claim system. We'll be adding extensive help documentation and making waivers easier to use in the coming days.

You're not doing anything wrong. Waiver positions are based on reverse power ranking (worst team gets first crack at claiming a player). We cannot calculate your ranking until the week is over and game results are tallied.

Because of this, you cannot add to your claims list until the week has ended (starting Tuesday morning).

I apologize for the confusion--we'll be making waivers easier to use this week.