rangerdave 6 years ago

There is no offseason in dynasty leagues. January and February are crucial times for reviewing and changing league rules in order to give teams enough time to adjust their rosters and draft strategy before the annual draft. Knowing what changes are coming with the 2012 Flea season is extremely helpful. What can we look forward to?

For example:

Will we see new player positions (e.g. DT, DE, CB, S, etc.)?

What will the rules concerning dual position players be like?

Are any new scoring options being added?

Will we see polls?

Are chatrooms coming?

Will roster sizes be increased?

I know that some things are still being worked on, and there is reluctance to say something is coming that may take awhile, but certainly there are things which you know will be available and can let us know about. Any info would be helpful, if possible.

BigDaddyT69 5 years ago

Will we have live chat this year? This is something our whole league wants! This is something that most of the other fantasy sites have. What are the plans here? Thanks.......

scotto1959 6 years ago

Individual idp slots are just as improtant as ind off slots.

scotto1959 6 years ago

if you guys ever get the celeb thing worked out. First things first!!

rangerdave 6 years ago

Agreed. This is one area where Flea is behind other sites. They will get us those slots eventually. I would just like to see them early enough in an offseason to prepare my leagues for that change.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

I agree. I'll see if our infrastructure can support it with our head programmer. If so, I'll try and separate them by: DT, DE, LB, CB ad S (I believe this is what you guys are asking for). Not something I'm sure we can support this year in a timely fashion, but I'd like to see it soon. Is this what you guys want?

rangerdave 6 years ago

Thanks, Hal. That's exactly what Scotto and I are looking to see changed.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the post.

Ori alluded to some of the changes we are working on for 2012 in his post here (I can see how it got hidden, so I'll try and re-post it where I can):


1) We'll review player position changes for the NFL and come out with our preliminary player rankings around the first week of February that include players that have moved too. To give you a heads up, I think the only players in our database that need to be moved are -- Erik Walden (LB), Ryan Kerrigan (LB), Mathias Kiwanuka (LB). If any other players come to your mind that may need changing, please let us know.

We will continue to update these on a case-by-case basis and if they are done before the NFL fantasy season opens for 2012 and drafts begin (62 days), some players may lose the grace period of having both positions like Kerrigan, Walden and Kiwanuka.

The rules for dual eligible players will be the same as last year.

Here is how we determine eligibility for the most part (it's a tricky thing, and we do our best): fleaflicker.com --

We hesitate to do much changing after the preseason starts, but may until the regular season. After the regular season, it's rare NFL guys will change -- e.g. we're glad we never changed Spiller to WR like some sites because he did not warrant that change and it made it unfair in many formats for him to have played WR late in the 2011 fantasy season -- on the other hand, we're glad we changed McCluster to RB/WR like we did during the second week of the NFL preseason because he surely warranted RB status.

2) Scoring options meaning Tackles For Loss, etc? If that's what you mean, let me know. It's possible we add some of these. It is on our agenda to review with our stats team. Do you have any suggestions for new scoring options? TFL come to mind here.

3) Polls and chat rooms are on our agenda, but we want to effectively incorporate them in a way where the site won't be cluttered and the Fleaflicker experience won't be compromised in any way. It's possible they get added, but only if we find a way to integrate and add them in an efficient manner. It is in our agenda, but not at the top; we like them, realize their important, but don't want to take away from the site's fast and easy-to-use experience.

rangerdave 6 years ago

Will we see IDP broken down into more than the three positions currently allowed for?

IDP roles for:

Connor Barwin

Mario Williams

Terrell Suggs

Rob Ninkovich

Michael Johnson

Elvis Dumervil

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Our staff is leaning towards pegging those dual players mentioned above at certain positions for 2012. If we do, they will be listed as follows:

Michael Johnson, DE; Ninkovic, LB; Barwin, LB; Mario Williams, LB; Elvis Dumervil, DE.

Again, I'm not sure as to what action we'll take officially. But I think it's time those players are moved to one position as they really are no longer hybrids anymore with their teams totally changing schemes.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Suggs would really be the only guy out of your list still listed at DL/LB if we go through with the change. We will let you know more towards the end of January and beginning of February after MLB position eligibility and rules are taken care of.

rangerdave 6 years ago

It looks like you guys have updated all the dual position IDP. I don't see any IDP listed at two positions. Are dual position designations being done away with? Are these the actual 2012 designations, or will we see changes when the new season opens up in a few days?

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

1) With the help of former employees of the NFL office that work in this department, by looking at film, statistics, how other sites list players and where they are lining up this year, IDPs are now listed at the position they will start in on defense -- in their current scheme.

So if you own James Harrison and he's a Steeler, he'll be a LB, though he lines up on the line plenty; same goes for Suggs at LB even if he does line up at DL in a 3-point stance, etc.

This is also in an effort to eventually move all players to DL, DT, LB, CB, DB (though that will most likely not be done this season and this season will be DL, LB and DB -- there's a slight chance we can filter them down even more, but no promises at all and it's unlikely to be implemented in 2012).

2) If a player/UFA signs with a team that runs a different scheme than they are listed at now (for instance Mario Williams signs with a 4-3 based defense), he will move to DL if that's his position with the new team for 2012. Any player that moves around after Week 2 of the preseason when most drafts are held will not be touched until the next season.

3) These are the actual 2012 designations. The change in 5 days is more or so to get your leagues rolling and new members in. It's not to roll out anything spectacular or grandiose. We roll those out when they are ready, not just when the season opens. With that said, be on the lookout for some cool new features soon.

We know this may negatively or positively affect some keeper leagues, but the change was necessary as many players were just listed at outdated positions.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Also, it will be case-by-case basis as always (for example, McCluster stays at WR-RB); we have a separate team that deals with these scenarios from the NFL League Office (former employees there) on staff that aids us in this. I am not solely in charge.

flotsamnjetsam 6 years ago

I really hope that fleaflicker changes their IDP's from DB & DL to CB/S & DT/DE for 2013 (as mentioned above). I have a dynasty league here that made a rule change for 2013 where we're going to have to start 1CB & 1DT each week. We've hosted the league here since 2008, and we don't want to move!

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

We'll have that incorporated in 2013 for sure. Thanks for your loyalty.

flotsamnjetsam 6 years ago

Awesome! Thanks Hal!

thriftyrocker 5 years ago

Hi Hal, any chance these IDP designations (CB, DT, etc.) still get added this year?

rangerdave 5 years ago

flotsamnjetsam 5 years ago

I read that other thread so thanks Hal & rangerdave! Our leagues situation was described above (new rule for 2013 where we need to start 1DT & 1CB each week), and some of our league members were wondering about this change on flea for 2013 since it hadn't been implemented yet (including thriftyrocker who posted above). I came here to ask about this, but thriftyrocker beat me to it. We really don't want to move the league to another site, so I'm happy to hear that this change will be implemented soon. Thanks again guys!

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks for being a loyal user. It is a lot of work under the hood, but we realize the importance of it and we're diehards like you and will do our best to split the IDP guys up by the summer. We want it as well and are working on ways to get it done. Hopefully it will be feasible.

flotsamnjetsam 5 years ago

Any word on this change for 2013?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

It is something we will address after our new build and redesign (which will be awesome on all mobile devices especially) is out -- which will be soon. Splitting up IDPs are still high on our radar and we hope to have it in 2013.

flotsamnjetsam 5 years ago

Thanks for the reply Hal.

[Deleted User] 6 years ago

I'd really like to see the slow draft upgraded with a timer and an auto-pick feature once the timer runs out. I love the slow drafts, but would really like to be able to set a timer any where from 1 minute to 24 hours. :)

rangerdave 6 years ago

Actually, you should have more than a 24-hour maximum on the timer. There are a number of leagues that have 48 hour limits on picks.

[Deleted User] 6 years ago

1 minute to 24 hours, 36, 48 or a week. Just a timer that we can set so that the draft will continue along if someone doesn't get in to make their pick. Fanball used to have a great email draft software. Trying to manually watch these drafts is a big pain in the ass... :)

p8n017 6 years ago

i think that there should be a rule for players who return kicks.. they should be pentalized for fumbling the ball and losing the ball

we had an instance this year where i actually won bc flea doesnt have this rule. i won by point 5. knocked a guy out of the playoffs. i would like to have this added please!!!

p8n017 5 years ago

anything new on this situation with players who return kicks?

Prash11 5 years ago

They do get penalized. Im my league I cant turn it off with out messing up another setting in the scoring. I have my owners pay attention because we do not count this against a kr or pr.

TheReaper2545 4 years ago

Unfortunately, I was looking forward to seeing Double headers discussed in this post. Should I take it that it won't be an option this year? Also if I was to try and manually do it could I change wins/losses and waivers each week during the year?

BTW love Ranger Dave's choice in avatar that is a great cd in a long line of great cds from Maiden.

rangerdave 4 years ago

Front row center on the Final Frontier tour, TheReaper2545.

TheReaper2545 4 years ago