JonnyMacFlo 5 years ago

Good afternoon;

I play in a NHL Fantasy league where it is head to head. We set the lineups once a week. A trade was just made and it will finalize on Wednesday. What will happen to the players in the trade? will they automatically be taking out of the lineup at the point leaving empty slots? or will it wait until the next weeks matchup to take them out?

Thank you for your help,

Jonathan MacIntyre

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

You'd have to be more specific with the players in the trade.

If the player played a game and locks by 3AM on the original team that week, he stays for the week.

If his (the NHL player's) team hasn't played a game, he'll move. My guess is since it's mid-week by Wednesday in the truncated season, the original players will be recorded and the new players won't show until next week.