msondak 1 decade ago

When Trades are proposed how does one team "approve it" - once a team says approved - does it automatically go through?

If I am not around to approve/reject a trade - does the trade automatically go through?

Can anyone clue me in?


fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hey Mike,

The user that replied is correct. You can actually follow the status of your trade with the "status" column (it looks like your trade is under 24 hour review right now). For a detailed description of the various trade statuses, you can mouse over the word "Status" in the filter search box, or check the help file.

Also, if you propose a trade, you don't have to accept it--obviously a trade's proposer accepts the trade.

msondak 1 decade ago

cool man - assumed that it was there - its just that right now the trade that I have out there - was approved (however the other team needed to drop a player) - so it doesn't say review or anything - just cancel on my side.

thanks for your help.

ffsuperstar 1 decade ago

u approve/reject a trade by clicking the "accept"/"reject" links next to the trade...

i also found this on the help page:


Once all parties accept a trade, it will not be processed for at least 24 hours to give all league members a chance to review it.


so if you're not around, the trade remains in the open state, awaiting aproval, rejection, or cancellation