GreaterNate 5 years ago

Suppose two owners come to terms on a trade and it is accepted goes into the 24-hour review period. During that review period, can one of the owners drop a player involved in the trade? If so, does that cancel the trade?

I know there is a cut button next to the players if they haven't been locked for the week, but I've never tried clicking it for a player involved in a trade under review.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Yes, you can cut the player, and it will actually invalidate the trade.

We recommend if this happens by accident, the commish can just put the players back on the teams at Commish Options>Edit Rosters if he deems it fair, or you can set the trade up again.

If it is done purposely, it is in the commissioner's discretion to decide what they want to do. We do not police those types of issues.