Pennypacker023 5 years ago

Is there a way to have Fleaflicker email me anytime a trade is accepted (not involving me)? As the commissioner, I'd like to be able to get in and approve trades in a timely manner, but I don't check it nearly as frequently during the offseason, so it would be handy if I could be notified of this.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We have this implemented. Ensure your e-mail preferences has this checked (if it is and it's not coming through, ensure it's not going to your Spam):

Notify me whenever a new trade is up for review or a trade involving my team is changed.

Pennypacker023 4 years ago

This still is not working. I receive notifications about trades involving my team, but I still am not getting notifications involving everyone else's trades. I'd like to be notified any time a trade is accepted in the league, so that I can get in and review it.

I currently have all the e-mail alerts checked except for "Remind me the night before a fantasy draft" and "Notify me of changes to league settings". I have verified that they are not going to Spam.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Odd after all these months it is not working.

Thanks for following up -- we'll look into it soon for you personally; it's possibly something isolated with your account as you're taking the right steps. I believe we have been in touch through email with you and will communicate that way. Thanks.

Pennypacker023 4 years ago

Much appreciated!

FC82 4 years ago

i'm having the same problem and my setting is checked on as well

In our league, we have no veto so if i don't get that email i may not know there is a trade to execute and guys would be waiting for their players.

please look into it sooner than later


FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks for your input guys. For both of you, you have no vetoes in your league -- our system is set up to not notify you when there is a no veto policy in place. I can check with our head programmer to see if you can be e-mail alerted so you can put the trade through quicker or to cancel it as commish.

With a no veto in place, the functionality is correct that you would not get emailed. We will re-evaluate that in the coming meetings as a team.

Pennypacker023 4 years ago

Thanks - I'll probably add a dummy veto function for now, just so that everyone can get emailed, but please let me know if this functionality changes down the line.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We definitely will, thanks