Tha_Commish 5 years ago

My league is set up for the Trade Deadline to be Week 9. However what day exactly is that? Is that before Thursdays game? Before Sundays games? What day is the actual "Deadlline" if my settings say Week 9 is the deadline.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Week 9's Monday is November 5, so technically all parties have to accept the trade by 3AM Eastern on Tuesday, November 6. It's at the end of the week.

csteere 5 years ago

How does that work for players points in the current week? They can't transfer from one team to the other. Shouldn't that mean trades can't be made once players lock for the games of that week?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

They will transfer for the next week. If the trade is accepted and agreed upon so late, it just is reflected for next week (unless the commish executes before 3AM tonight).

If the player has played already and the trade has not executed and the player locks on that team at 3AM, the points stay on that team. If the player has not locked at 3AM (for instance they play tonight and are on the Bears or 49ers and the trade went through yesterday) they will move in the trade.

Usually commissioners give teams the extra points if they lose a player at commish options->edit past box scores (that you'll see tuesday).