Mark_S 1 decade ago


Not to add more confusion/questioning to the system, but since I have the defensive scoring as such, I dont think my league totals are correct:


1 point for every Solo Tackle

2 points for every Interception

2 points for every Sack

2 points for every Fumble Forced

1 point for every Fumble Recovered

2 points for every Safety

6 points for every Defensive TD

10 extra points when total Points is exactly 0

Specifically the " 1 point for every Solo Tackle". Does that go for IDP or the TM?

League 153 (TM no IDP)



fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago


The commissioner had the ability (preseason) to specify the positions to which each rule is applied.

I'm not sure about your case specifically (we'll make a change so that the positions get displayed as well).