IronJeffTheisen 5 years ago

Hi, I am trying to figure out the logic with the tiebreaker decision in my league. It is explained on the right hand side but its not making sense so I would really appreciate it if you could help.

We have four teams at 7-6, three in one division and one in another. I anticipated that the current #7 seed would have made the playoffs ahead of the #5 seed because #7 won their head to head game, has a better division record, and also scored more points per game, which is all three of our first three tiebreakers.

Can you clarify how the calcs worked in this situation for me?

Thank you!

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

You have 4 teams that are 7-6 vying for 2 playoff spots.

Your tiebreakers are:

Best head-to-head record

Best division record (same division only)

Most average points/game

Hardest schedule (record)

Hardest schedule (points)

The tied teams are (Free, P, Drug and Get)... Free is in the Ketchup division while P, Drug and Get are in mustard

First you look at your first tiebreaker which is H2H. Out of the 4 teams, no team had a clean sweep of the others or swept the others. So with a 3+ team tie, H2H is skipped. Your next tiebreaker is best division record within the division, so Free does not count here; in the Mustard division has P and Drug with a 4-2 record and Get with a 2-4, leaving P and Drug left. The breakers then go back to H2H where P beat Drug H2H, so P now goes up against Free and Free swept free H2H too and gets in.

Free is in for that first spot

*Reset for last spot*

P, Drug and Get

Again, no clean sweeps. Look at division record....Get is eliminated off the bat.

You're left with P and Drug...P swept drug, P gets in

So Free and P are your wildcards

IronJeffTheisen 5 years ago

That explanation is awesome and the breakdown makes much more sense, except I question one part.

"in the Mustard division has P and Drug with a 4-2 record and Get with a 2-4, leaving P and Drug left. The breakers then go back to H2H where P beat Drug H2H"

Im wondering why it doesnt go back to a 3+ H2H at this point and Free is included instead of a P vs Drug H2H. H2H would again not identify a winner, but since each team was 1-1 against each other, it would then go to tier 3 tiebreaker, which is average points, and playoff spot 5 would be assigned.

In this situation, I cant figure out why H2H priority is given to Free and not either of the other teams just because they share a division. Its obvious why Get is eliminated, but with the three remaining 7-6 teams, since H2H cannot determine a winner, division record in same division cannot, it now goes to points, and hopefully you can identify with my confusion. I would then see the #6 seed staying the same following that same logic

Thank you again, very much-

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Free was included in the first, he was swept

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Breakers always reset to the top one after the smaller breaker is broken...

IronJeffTheisen 5 years ago

I figured that's a typo, it says "Free swept free H2H?" and you meant Free swept P, since Free only beat P of the 3 teams mentioned.

Going to your message below about resetting, when the 3 division teams; P, Drug, and Get, are all on tiebreaker step two for division record, when one team is eliminated (Get was), does that constitute that breaker being broken? If so, should that include all three teams for step one (H2H)? If not, and eliminating Get does not constitute breaking the smaller breaker, then shouldnt it still be considered a tie for them and it goes to the third smaller breaker which is points?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Yes, it constitutes the breaker being broken. The tiebreker was broken correctly.

IronJeffTheisen 5 years ago

Alright that gives me enough information to explain it then. Thanks for the quick responses, I really appreciate that.