take6 4 years ago

Do not like this new format

take6 4 years ago

tried to rejoin a team but I cant get on to even do a mock draft . Whats up with that ? How do I get my draft up and working

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

All seems okay. E-mail us at fleaflicker.com so we can help.

bbashers 4 years ago

First of all, I like the new format, but why do you no longer show total daily fantasy points on the roster page. You have a total row at the bottom of each section that adds everything else. It sucks to have to go to the scoreboard to see what your daily total is. Also, AVG & AB are not the same thing. It would help if you listed both. I would rather know what my players avg is as opposed to my teams avg. It makes it a lot easier to determine who to play on a day to day basis.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

1. Great feedback and thanks for your suggestions. We took the daily stats out from that page to optimize the site to load a bit faster, better and look more sleek. However, we are listening to all your feedback and are up to adding features to mobile and likely also giving users the option to switch back to a classic view if they wish.

We'll keep you updated as we're gathering helpful feedback from users like you every day and are willing to change things for the best.

Dinob 4 years ago

Please give the option to switch back to the old format because I can't stand this format. The other format was layed out so nicely, this format is like going through a maze.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks for your input. We hear you and want the best user experience for all of you. What device are you using now? What would you like see changed? We will take your suggestions into account.

It is in our plans to allow mobile users to soon have the option to switch back to the classic version if they wish an vice versa, but the details are not hammered out on when you will be able to (although look for it soon).

Dinob 4 years ago

I'm using my iPhone and it's just too difficult to see notifications and to use any commish powers. It's like I have to dig to do what I want on here. I chose flea flicker over espn because of the great layout and the simplicity to use.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We will be addressing this and thanks for the feedback. We'll be giving you an option to view the desktop view in mobile in the coming days/week. Thank you.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

@Dustin -- we're aware of the player card season bug and will have it fixed shortly, thanks very much for the report too, like many of you have been so kind to do.

RJ2000 4 years ago

If it means anything I like the new design. I don't think you had responsive CSS before and now you do which I like quite a bit.

Michakav 4 years ago

I don't mind the format, although it will take some getting used to. There seem to be a ton of bugs though. I never had problems until now. Now I have to use Chrome instead of IE and am still finding bugs.

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

What bugs specifically are you seeing?

Chiefdustin 4 years ago

It's awful, they rebuilt the entire site but took a major step backwards. I was looking at other sites two weeks ago and decided to keep my leagues here.

After talking to the owners of the teams in my leagues we will most likely be moving on.

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

What features specifically do you think are worse now? We're still refining the design and we'll do our best to address everyone's concerns.

Chiefdustin 4 years ago

To start, you made it harder to communicate, in the message board and in these forums. The message board should be a priority, social interaction is the main reason most of us play fantasy football.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

@chiefdustin -- We value your opinion as a loyal user on the site for a while. We do think it is a good idea and we are brainstorming ways of having leagues possibly able to go back to the old message board format. We are talking internally about this and will do our best to make the messages boards back to the way they were for leagues that want it that way.

Chiefdustin 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply, I often give knee jerk reactions. :)

Chiefdustin 4 years ago

One more thing, I can't view past seasons stats on player cards.

budlee1979 4 years ago

I agree with chiefdustin, the message board should be more prevelant. Also, a lot of folks in leagues I run have said the design is hard to use on their phone (they do not have iPhones so they just use the web browser). The other design changes are just something to get used too, will report any issues.

KokoMoAZ 4 years ago

Wow -- I don't usually look at this Forum, but am happy to see others unhappy with the new Message Board.

I LOVE Fleaflicker, but I hate this new Message Board, AND I would love to get the old board back for all my leagues -- with the highlighted new messages too, I hope!

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Our mobile design is going to be tweaked (with your suggestions and possibly a classic view of some sorts you can alternatively choose), so over the past couple of days we have been collecting your feedback -- including your personal emails -- and we are listening to all of you and will be making changes/talking about them that you guys are requesting.

They're helpful and sensible and you guys are a big part of the site.

Thanks for your loyalty.

Prash11 4 years ago

you took a lot of power away from the commish. I wanted our draft to start and cant because I can not select the option that these are complete rosters but still have a draft. Where is that setting????

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

It is at League>>Settings now (Edit Rosters).

brotherB 4 years ago

I use my iPhone for everything.

The new format doubles my daily time

Managing my teams. Checking league activity takes 3 clicks/submits instead of just one.---nice move

I can no longer view the entire league standings or my entire team on one screen without scrolling. Also when viewing my roster there is no longer

A list of the roster/DL requirements.

...., no "cut" tab on iPhone format, so I have players "trapped" on DL, can't activate them.

Therefore I have "illegal" lineups with no way of correcting that myself.

..most websites are making things easier and quicker for iPhone users.

Unfortunately Flea apparently is breaking ranks with that.

But it is a free site.

Guess I'll have to drop out of some leagues. Maybe delete a few.

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

Thanks for the specific feedback, we'll see what we can do to address this.

The next design is still in flux and we'll do our best to make everyone happy.

mevic1 4 years ago

I also mainly use my iPhone and the site is a complete mess, for example I have to "dig" to even see if I have any general notifications (for news story comment threads and forum updates). All this white hurts my eyes after a little bit too, a sepia or negative option would be wonderful. And everything needs to be resized, some of the buttons need to be bigger (like the player news or roster options buttons) and most pages need smaller boxes.

JayGoff17 4 years ago

The drop down menu for Iphone makes everything take a lot longer and like looking at the scoreboard screen? You have to scroll down past opponents team to get to your own, instead of the old side by side view.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

@JayGoff -- The mobile design is in flux with many people wanting different things. So right now we are going to collect feedback and incorporate everyone's ideas. Your opinion, like all our users, are valued and appreciated. We already made some UI fixes after the rebuild to address user concerns. There will be more coming - we'll listen to your suggestions and incorporate feedback to improve the site to help all.

JayGoff17 4 years ago

Ya i'm not a fan either... Checking stuff on phone is a pain.

Madmartigan 4 years ago

Before the upgrade, this site was flawless on my mobile. It had very simple, functional interfaces for almost all things, and was very easy to navigate. Now its a jumbled mess of drop down menus and multi click/screen interfaces to get the same result. I feel that the site has taken a pretty sizable step backwards in the ease of use dept. If it ain't broke don't fix it fellas.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks for the input. Like we wrote before, we'll likely and almost undoubtedly be giving mobile users the option to switch to the new desktop view on their device as well within the week. We value your feedback and loyalty. Thanks.