TampaJackie 4 years ago

why don't you have an approve button too.It could get trades passed faster in dynasty drafts.Get the majority soon and not wait the time limit.In e-mail drafts this would be a great option to keep things moving.

Backstrap_Boyz 4 years ago

That is a great idea. I personally don't like the Commish Execute button, and I never use it. I don't need to p*ss off my owners by executing a trade that may or may not get vetoed. On the other hand, a trade that gets an early approval, that is a great idea.

mevic1 4 years ago

Great idea, it'd make last minute trades so much easier.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

The commish and co-commish do have a Commish Execute button in all league trades that are not there.

In terms of adding a league approve button like a veto, it is not a bad idea if all parties can push it through faster and half the non-trading parties have no issue. We will look into adding that down the line. Thank you for the suggestion.

DonTerminator 4 years ago

I'd say half +1 minus the 2 teams involved. That's what my league has had to do to get them through quicker. For example in my league (16-2 teams involved = 14), Half of 14=7+1=8 and there's your majority of teams eligible to vote. LOVE the idea.

TampaJackie 4 years ago

We do it through the message board now,but that gets confusing,but it does work.

TheBov 4 years ago

I like that idea.