Ceaza 5 years ago

Im commish of a league and we have a player who hasnt signed on in 2mnths. Rest of league feel its an unfair advantage when they play him because he isnt changing players on bye week giving away wins. We have another friend who said will take over. Is there a way to have him take over the team. I do not see the inactive tab for his team. How long do they need to be inactive for it to be replaced.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Go to your league standings page > commish options (far right of the screen in green text" > select "remove owner / delete team"

> click the owner you want to remove and provide a reason. You can then return to the league standings and select "invite new


If you click it once, it will only remove the owner, not delete the team. If you go back and hit that button after the owner has been

removed, the team will delete.