j00stans 6 years ago

Any chance of a tackle for loss category being added to the defensive scoring options?

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

It's still something we're working on getting our stats department to add. We'll keep you updated and hope to have TFLs/Stuffs and possible Targets integrated around the late spring/early summer. If you can please posts requests like these in the Suggestions forum - that would be great.

Pasquali 5 years ago

Have you been able to add TFLs yet? It is something we want to add in our league for the upcoming season. Thank you.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We were able to add Targets and hope that TFLs will be added soon. We'll keep you updated and thanks!

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

TFLs and Targets are now supported - thank you for your patience while we had this incorporated.

Deschain19 4 years ago

Are Tackles (Solo or Assisted) counted separately than TFLs?

For Example

TFLs 4 Points

ST 1 Point

If Lavonte David solo tackled a saints player in the back field, how many point will he get from that play?

cjdomi 6 years ago