JayhawkWS6 4 years ago

Searched a little bit for answers on a tackle for loss point option being implemented for the 2013. There's a little talk about it from the Spring. Was there ever any definite answer one way or the other?

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Yes, for this year TFLs/Stuffs won't be recorded.

It's a work in progress with our stats team we keep trying to advocate and have them record, but it's tough as it is not an official live NFL stat.

I hope to have this implemented by 2014, but the provider we use holds the keys to this; I promise I will keep pushing for it as I really want it incorporated as well. We will keep you updated and hopefully have it soon.

Mackomish 4 years ago

... this stat is recorded all over the place.

I've played with at least 2 other sites that offered this as an option in the scoring, along with the option to subtract points for penalties, which I'd love to see here at fleaflicker. I remember checking on "tackles for a loss" last year and finding the same work-in-progress type answer. I stopped using other league providers because they kept telling their users things were a "work in progress" and we never saw said progress. I hope fleaflicker can start delivering on more promises, it saddens me to see what appears to be nothing more than a vanity based face-lift over last years system.

fishbrains 4 years ago

exactly! Seems the kind of thing (much like the mythological Android app) that fleaflicker just gives lip service on and nothing more.

NarFFL_Commish 4 years ago


FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

No, it's actually very important to us. We play in many IDP leagues, are fantasy diehards, and want the stat incorporated. It's something our stats provider does not give to us unfortunately. This is something we have addressed with them and will continue to advocate because there's no reason not to have it for 2014.

fishbrains 4 years ago

It's just hard to hear you to always say 'next year!'. Build your IDPs to factor that in and be disappointed multiple years.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We hear you, we added a lot of enhancements this year, we are adding more every day and every week and this is something important for next year (we can't add it this year as it's too late in the season).

It's not in our hands whether the stats provider will be able to provide that data. We keep asking them and hope they will. It's not a matter of the IDP issue, it's a matter of what they support and they don't support TFLs for this year. We're working on it for you and realize it's important as is separating the IDPs to certain positions.

We appreciate your feedback.