DMarcum 4 years ago

we would like to start a new league where in the first year draft 18 players and keep 10 then in year 2 and forward only draft 8 rounds to fill out the 18 player roster each yr., being the commish how would i go thru the options to make this happen?

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Start the league as a keeper league. Head to Commish Options->Edit Roster Requirements and tweak your starters and total bench amount using the edit buttons -- the edit button across from the total will set your bench and in turn total nimber of rostered players.

Go back to Commish Options->Esit Keeper Rules->Select 10 Keepers

You'll draft 18 players your initial year and then each year your draft will be 8 rounds if everyone correctly sets 10 keepers at Team->Team Owner Options->Set My Keepers.

DMarcum 4 years ago

ok cool thank you!