CodeWarrior 5 years ago

First let me say this is my first year of fantasy football. I love it and I like using Fleaflicker. It's always nice to see how fast you guys replies to questions and comments.

As our regular season is winding down and as the commissioner of our league that talked everyone into using Fleaflicker, I'm already thinking about next year.

With that said, can you tell us when or even if Fleaflicker is going to be updated so it works on Android devices and if the new website will allow us to use iPads and other tablets for the draft next year?

Thanks in advance for all of your hard work.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks for playing at Fleaflicker and we are glad you liked your first year here.

We are still working very hard every day on a site rebuild/remodel, that includes big plans for mobile enhanced usability, that also includes eventual plans for apps that will work well with mostly all smartphone OS' (including the droid) down the road. This is our No. 1 new feature priority. We'll also have dozens of new features ready for next year as well. But not after this is done, and we hope to have this finished, polished off and bug free soon.

The mobile game is changing out there and Fleaflicker will be changing along with it for the better. You'll still have all the same features you have now and are accustomed to -- so the game play you're used to will still be easy to use, fast and customizable (the current options we have are not going anywhere).

The mobile changes and game is not something that we can program for and change overnight, so it is taking some time. Many sites that do will fall behind with other new features as mobile changes. The goal of this new rebuild is to never fall behind. When it's ready to roll out -- which will be soon (and progress is being made every day) -- we think you'll be really happy.

Our hope is to have everything you requested ready by the end of the season. No promises, but you'll be very happy with the enhancements that will be put out soon. We hope they are out for you to test this season; that's our goal. If not, you will always have the NBA season in 1/13 to test the new site and features, as the rebuild and the Fleaflicker update will definitely be available by early 2013. So that means it will DEFINITELY be available for next season (NFL) and way ahead of that.

Everyday we're working hard here for Fleaflicker to perform optimally on all devices, including mobile devices; we want our product to give you the best fantasy sports experience out there and we're confident the new build and then the upcoming enhancements that will come with the new build down the line will be a much superior product than now and what is out in the market.

Look for it in the coming weeks -- just stay tuned, a lot will be about to change for the better.