KennethKaniff 4 years ago

as the commish of my league is there any way to change a teams keepers. A player in my league has limited access to the net and asked me to set his keepers for him before we clear the rosters and draft this weekend

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Not directly.

Please send this request to and our support staff will help you.

We'd need the league link, the owner's name on Fleaflicker with the team name, and the keepers.

NemosBucs 4 years ago

Can't you just add the players that teams need for keepers before the draft, a function that the commish can do, then click the button that says these are keepers, but the rest of the team will be drafted (can't remember what the button actually says, but I did it this way and it worked, keepers were set, draft is done and we now all have full teams).

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Yes, but this only works if you are setting keepers for the maximum amount of players and for all teams (so if you have a 3-keeper league and one team only wants 2 keepers, that button will set 3 for them, so it is not fool proof in that sense).

AustinG 4 years ago