CodeWarrior 4 years ago

Even though Fleaflicker didn't have a website that supported Android devices last year when they kept telling us it would and even though the draft still doesn't allow us to use iPads, I've never complained.

Hey, it's free and that's just the way it is and I understand that.

I'm the type of person that likes to throw a few bucks at people that create software that's free to use, so I decided to pay the $15 to remove the ads. After sending my payment, I read the "terms" a little closer and I had a very big problem with the wording. Here's the message that I sent to Fleaflicker after I paid to remove the ads...

"I would like a refund please. $15 was almost too high if there wasn't a renewal fee each year. $15 for 1 year is way too much.

The wording is misleading at best and completely incorrect at worst.

You should change the wording. A "one time fee" means I pay just once, not every year. No renewals means I don't have to renew it ever.

What you meant to say is it's an annual fee that I have to renew once a year."

After spending the time to send them that message, I fully expecting them to one, refund my money (which they did) and two, change the wording so it doesn't "accidentally" mislead someone else.

Today, the co-commish in my league (who is a very intelligent person) made the exact same mistake and when he asked for a refund, he got lectured about how they don't normally offer refunds.

The fact that our co-commish made the exact same mistake that I did only confirms what I already knew, the wording is misleading.

I hate to think Fleaflicker is purposely misleading us, but everyone else that has paid to have the ads removed should be aware that it is NOT a one time fee and you're going to have to pay that fee again next year if you don't want to see the ads.


fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

You can contact us and we'll make this right for you.

We definitely don't want to mislead anybody, and we don't want your money if you're not satisfied.

CodeWarrior 4 years ago

You didn't read my message very closely. You already gave me a refund.

My concern is you are still using the misleading information to get other people to send you money.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We'll do our best to get the text changed in a future release in the coming days so that the text is not as misleading. We are sorry to have mislead you thinking that the one-time fee was grandfathered in, as both packages are per fantasy season and will run out when NFL 2014 rolls over days after the Super Bowl in February.

ACDC_rip12 4 years ago

I was misled as well. I don't normally buy stuff like this on the internet but I figured that it was a lifetime deal & I plan on staying on here for the long haul. Also to help the guys who make all this possible, because I feel like they deserve it. This is my 5th year on here so I figured why not. When I bought this I also expected the red circle ads next to random player names would go away, but they didn't.

I don't want a refund, but I'm not renewing it next year.

wormizer 4 years ago

"...thinking that the one-time fee was grandfathered in, as both packages are per fantasy season and will run out when NFL 2014 rolls over days after the Super Bowl in February"

Please don't use that text to clarify the terms!