T-Factor 5 years ago

When reviewing my waiver board I often decide to adjust my conditional claims by changing the player I am dropping for a specific claim on my list. (Note my league "manually" restricts our claims to 2 per week.) To do so I have to delete a claim, put in the new claim and then move the new claim up the priority list as desired. This is tedious when you have 8 to 10 claims on your waiver board.

Two related requests for the waivers feature:

1. Allow for swapping out the player to be dropped per claim without having to delete and redo the entire claim.

2. Allow for "click and drag" functionality to change claims priority (similar to the commish feature for changing the team waiver order).

At least one but ideally both of these would be really "nice to have" features.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions and insight. They will be talked about when we discuss new features. Please post them on the Suggestions page in the future.


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