p8n017 5 years ago

can you explain how each team got into the playoffs from seed 4-6? i know this is a vague question but when i was looking at how i set things up for playoff tie breakers it did not match up with what you guys had.. if you can shed some light into this that would great. once you reply with how things came to be, i'll tell you how i got what i got. thanks guys for a great season and for making everything possible after Sandy rolled through and ruined many lives.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

The team that is ranked 4 is 8-6, so you should really just be concerned with the 7-7 teams who take up seeds 5-8...

For them, you have Rotary, Penn, Morgantown and Legen tied at 7-7, 4 teams, vying for 2 spots...

Your league rules are:

Best head-to-head record

Best division record (same division only)

Most average points/game

Hardest schedule (record)

Hardest schedule (points)

H2H tiebreaker is skipped when there is no sweeps and when 3+ teams are tied and there are no sweeps or no team was swept by the rest. This does not happen here.

So your next breaker, best division record is taken into account.

Basically Legen at 3-7 in the division and Morgantown at 4-6 in the division are up against Penn who is 5-5 in the division (Rotary is in their own division)... The teams with the worse division record are knocked back here in this breaker.

So then Penn goes up against Rotary, and Penn lost, thereby putting Rotary in.

The three teams in the same division are left and because there are still no sweeps, Penn advances on division record.

p8n017 5 years ago

Ok, but even when Morgantown beat rotary, that doesn't matter?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Correct, it doesn't matter there as there were still other ties.