T-Factor 5 years ago

Hal - I posted this in another thread last night but was not sure if you would see it there: my league (Bel Air FFL) has the same first 2 t/b's as Encore HR but with 2 divisions. If there is a 3-way tie and 2 of the 3 teams are from the same division, does best head to head still apply first? Let's say the 2 teams in the same division split and those 2 teams were swept by the single team from the other division, is that single team first in of the 3? Thanks in advance for your help.

Bonus Question: In manipulating a Conso Bracket how do I edit the past box scores with multiple teams involved, including losers dropping down from the Championship Bracker? Would you rather have a specific example after our brackets are set?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

H2H with 3+ teams only apply when there is one team that swept the other two or one team that was swept by the other two. If there is any split, H2H is wiped out the window. If you give me the teams you want me to break down for you, I can and will.

Bonus Question: You can only manipulate the games played, not the bracket per se, sorry.

T-Factor 5 years ago

Thanks so much for your response.

The tie-breakers in question are under the following scenarios:

Red Bean beats Zephyrs (eliminating Zephs) and Hounds win, which results in 3-way ties among those 2 winners and the winner of the Spike vs. Mayniacs game (unless they tie but I can deal with any tie related scenarios after I get your answer).

I believe the rest of our tie-breakers are clear cut but since you are taking the time to review the above please read my related message posted this morning on our League Message Board (if you have access).

Regarding my Bonus Question, I believe I read that the site will track the scores for all teams even though the matchups may not reflect our Conso Bracket - is that correct?

Thanks again for all your help!

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Yes, the site will track all scores for all teams under the scoreboard page on the right and also League->Stats...

In regards to your playoffs scenario, the hypothetical situations are seen if you just scroll over your playoff odds: fleaflicker.com ... If you have teams that are tied and want to know why it's being broken the way it is, I can help.