Jigawatts 5 years ago


Can anyone tell me. How the tie breaking scenario works? Our playoffs currently have rank #7 in the playoffs, but #5 is in the consolation bracket. Thanks

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Playoffs are determined with divisions involved, as you can see below from your breakers.

The league rank does not take into account division record.

You have 4 teams tied at 6-7, Corn, Can't, Dwayne and Clash

We use the first tiebreaker and if that can't be used or the next can't be, we go on to use the next one for the first available spot.

Once that spot is taken, we reset, and break again.

Your tiebreakers are:

Power & Playoff Rank Tiebreakers

Best head-to-head record

Best division record (same division only)

Most average points/game

Hardest schedule (record)

Hardest schedule (points)


H2H is skipped here with 3+ teams tied, as no teams were swept and no teams swept the rest

Dwayne and Clash are in the same division and Corn and Cant are too.

Right off the bat, Clash is eliminated with the worse division record than Dwayne and Can't is eliminated with a worse one than Corn.

This leaves Corn and Dwayne... Corn swept Dwayne in their only matchup (Week 7) so Corn is in with the 5 seed.

*Breakers reset* Again 3+ tie, no H2H wins...

Leaving Dwayne, Clash and Can't.

Clash is eliminated again with the worse division record, leaving, Dwayne & Can't.

Can't beat Dwayne H2H in their only matchup (week 2), so Can't takes the 6 seed:


It is also spelled out on the right-hand side of the playoffs portion above

Jigawatts 5 years ago

Got it, thx. I figured it was something like that, but I couldn't decipher the tie breaker info.