Rich_Martin 5 years ago

My league has two divisions of 5 teams. The top three teams in each division make the playoffs, with the two division winners each getting a first round bye. The remaining four teams enter the consolation bracket.

The problem I have is this: even with the teams split into two divisions, the teams are ranked as one group. Thus when the playoff bracket was created, there were four teams in from one division and only two from the other. Additionally, had the correct six teams been entered, the bracket would likely have been inaccurate because of the teams being seeded as one large group.

Is it possible to rank the teams within their divisions, rather than as one large group, thus eliminating the need to rearrange the playoff bracket every year? This would also make the in-season playoff information (asterisks, 'x's, 'y's and 'o's next to team names) accurate.

At this point I tell my owners to ignore the "ranking" during the season and to wait for me to update the playoff bracket manually.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Unfortunately there is no way to set up a divisional or conference road to the playoffs.

Rich_Martin 5 years ago

I already made adjustments to this year's bracket, so I hope that hasn't inhibited your ability to research the issue.

We have been with Flea Flicker for three seasons now and have never had the playoff bracket accurate with no changes needed. Just thought that maybe there was a way to remedy it so the extra work would not be needed.

dhenigin76 5 years ago

My league faced this every year too, but we just made changes to our rules to match up with Fleaflicker to avoid confusion. H2H win/loss is 75% matchup luck anyway, so it really doesn't make any difference whether you have division alignment determine playoffs or not