Rebop 1 decade ago

We have a 10-team league & would like a 6-team playoff scenario ending on Week 16. (Week 17 tends to have some NFL teams playing less than all out, it seems).

Not sure whether it may be better to go to a 4-team playoff in order to get a longer regular season in. Can you provide playoff scenario options that will help us decide?

We're drafting today and would like to have this out of the way prior to draft. If not, can it be done after draft but prior to commencement of Week 1 play?

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Kevin,

Fleaflicker's playoff system mirrors the NFL as closely as possible.

That is, division winners get into the playoffs first, and then the remaining playoff spots are awarded to the best remaining teams (the "wildcards").

If you have less playoff spots than divisions, only the best division winners will get in.

As far as regular season length, here are your options:

* 4 Playoff Teams->0 First Round Byes, 2 weeks total

* 6 Playoff Teams->2 First Round Byes, 3 weeks total

* 10 Playoff Teams->6 First Round Byes, 3 weeks total

* 12 Playoff Teams->4 First Round Byes, 4 weeks total

* 14 Playoff Teams->2 First Round Byes, 4 weeks total

* 16 Playoff Teams->0 First Round Byes, 4 weeks total

You can read more about the playoff options here:

But I will revise the help documentation so that it includes the number of weeks each playoff system will take.

So it seems to me that if you go with 6 teams and a week 16 superbowl, your regular season will span weeks 1-13.

However, you can always change the options ("Edit League Options" from the commissioner's menu on the league page), and see for yourself by expanding the "League Information" box on the league page.

To answer your other question, you can change league options after the draft, but before the first week of the regular season--exactly like you said.