KevinPatnaude 5 years ago

So in our 10 team league 6 teams make the playoffs and 4 don't and go into the consolation bracket. we have a punishment for finishing dead last so people don't try and tank to get the #1 pick next year... we want it decided in the playoffs, i'm wondering if after the first round of the consolation bracket do the losers of the 2 games play another to decide who gets 9th and 10th? And by the same virtue is 5th/6th decided the same way? If not, is their an option to where people still can field a lineup and therefore a "team score" can be calculated and i can just realign the draft order that way?

Thanks for the help

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Once you're eliminated, you are no longer on the matchup page vs. another team, but you can set your lineup until the season ends (whenever your last week is) and we'll keep track of scores on the scoreboard page the entire season for all.

Also, you can always edit past box scores if you want to advance losers into a toilet bowl of a consolation bracket.