MGD64 4 years ago

On the players tab, I can no longer sort by most statistics. For instance, when looking for a free agent catcher, I tried to sort by who was averaging the most over the last 5 games. I used to be able to do this under the old format, but it seems like I can only see them displayed by most total fantasy points. Is this going to be addressed or will it stay this way?

phatspds1 4 years ago


FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Good question: Ensure your selectors (both) are matching up in this instance for that stat. You may have to click the + above the blue selectors on mobile, but this will work. The top selectors, when in season view for instance, keep the players ordered and then you can sort by your second choice(s).

MGD64 4 years ago

Oh I see. That worked. Thank you.