ralphknipp 5 years ago

Our league will be getting together this weekend to watch NFL playoff games and I thought we may try to do something to generate some added exctiement if you can tell me if this is possible. Will Fleaflicker be tabulating stats for players during the NFL wild-card weekend games? We would like to allow people to to submit a roster made up of players from the 8 teams in action this weekend and see who can come up with the highest score. I don't expect that we would do the rosters online but if the individual player scores were displayed here on Fleaflicker I could tabulate each rosters toal score myself. I would like the numbers to reflect our league's regular scorong system. Can you tell me if this is possible? I did notice that I am able to see projections for this week so I am hopeful. Please confirm.

Thanks for your continued support for the last 8 years!

ralphknipp 5 years ago

Thanks I didn't expect to be able to create new teams but just wanted confirmation that the displayed stats would reflect our league's scoring.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Yes, we'll display the stats but you'd have to go into your league and manually track the players from their page or the leaders page (probably the easiest). There's no way to create a new team for the playoffs though on the site.