TheSwinedog 4 years ago

This limit messed us up big time!!!! We had one computer hooked up to a projector and I was commish drafting every player, so the pause was needed becuase it would auto-draft the players not logged in (even though they were in the same room as me). So I would pause, commish draft, pause, commish draft, pause, commish draft and so on..until the limit was reached. Then it just autodrafted everyones team from round 10 onward, leaving me unable to stop it!! I had to the manually make everyone's pick from round 10 and prior keepers and will re-draft tonight for the rest of the rounds, what a PITA! This will be my league's first and last season on fleaflicker, the owners are pissed!!

ChezDigital 4 years ago

I agree entirely, but you should have read up and been aware of this prior to your draft. However, I don't see at all how this is justified in FF's mobile sites early stages. You are actually minimizing server connections, so you would be saving money. Unless you're that hard up for ad hits where you actually need to force page views in this manner to get the ad money. Your site has so much potential, where if you had a $25 league package that allowed these features, you would get more bites than I think you know. If this isn't addressed by February, I'm moving my league again.

Mackomish 4 years ago

I have to agree... this was a huge issue for my league last year, we're trying to have some drinks and enjoy a lengthy draft (we draft 24 rounds and do IDPs)... we like to make a day of it and BBQ after some of the rounds... the ability to have an un-limited pause would go a long ways towards making me NOT look elsewhere. I would just do the draft old fashion board style but there is almost always at least one or two people who can't make the draft and want to take part in it online. Ultimately I'm happy, mostly just because this is free, but this year I will using a different draft system to remedy the issue and I'll have to import the draft results manually.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Sorry you had the issue. Unfortunately there is only 60 minutes of cumulative pause time. That's why we do suggest the e-mail draft for situations like this. I'm sorry you had this problem, and for next year, it's possible we can add to the 60 minute of pause time for you.

Again, our sincerest apologies, we don't like to see any of our users upset.

an_old_dude 4 years ago

I had this same problem with our draft this year. There should be unlimited pause time. This would be a great tool to use for leagues that have owners that want to get together and have owners that live in other states .

an_old_dude 4 years ago

maybe just do away with the auto draft for someone that isn't logged in. Or have an option to not auto draft. Then pause would not be needed.

Owner-Eric 4 years ago

One possible fix is to set it to email draft. Even though you are together, you can each just do your pick as you want and then there is no rush :)

sleepyjim 4 years ago

The fix would be to set the pause to reset after each continuation, so it is paused, then on and reset....

an_old_dude 4 years ago

you can only pause for 60 min. total time during the draft. And E-mail won't work unless everybody has an e-mail. I think the answer is to have a tab to unselect auto draft. That way people that are all together can have their set time to draft and then the commish can pick for them

PovertyBayOrca 4 years ago

When we are all together and have an internet connection we do not do an actual live draft. We do an import rosters. The commish enters the roster picks as the draft progresses. Not as neat as a live draft but it gets the job done.

an_old_dude 4 years ago

That's the way we did it in the past. Now we have 2 owners that live out of state. So unless they phone it in it's better that we use the live draft for them.

Owner-Eric 4 years ago

The commish can still enter the picks in an email draft