FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

In response to user feedback that we value greatly, we made two major changes to accommodate our power users (listed below).

Please note that we're still making changes based on your feedback -- e-mail is the best way to contact us at fleaflicker.com -- and we will continue to improve the site throughout the week and upcoming weeks.

1) The main change we made is that we now are giving mobile/tablet users the option to view the website in desktop mode. You can toggle on the bottom when you sign in from mobile to desktop if you want to see all the full desktop features that you are used to.

2) If you're using the mobile optimized version, we improved the navigation even more so you don't have to expand the navbar for the most common tasks. When you sign in, you'll see shortcuts on top without having to hit the rectangular nav bar expansion button for the most used and asked for functions.

If you find anything buggy, missing, or out of place, please let us know -- we're still in design mode to accommodate our users and appreciate your loyalty to Fleaflicker.

JBeau 4 years ago

Much better guys!!

Pee-Dee 4 years ago


soulfly 4 years ago

Agreed. Fantastic!

Run_CMC 4 years ago

Everything seems to be working fantastic now, including all of the changes recently implemented, which, as Hal knows, I've been a fan of since the roll out.

The only thing I notice right now that seems to be missing is the ability to cut players from both your team page and in the specific player page when in mobile mode. Other than that...no issues for me.