[Deleted User] 5 years ago

Hi, any place to join a mock draft with other members? all i have found so far is a draft with the other people in the league doing a computer generated pick (highest rank) would be good to draft with other people using intelligent decisions not just based on rank. Maybe i am missing the link, thanks

jackdumser 5 years ago


FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We don't directly support that.

However, if you happen to enter the mock draft room at the same time as another member (within the minute), you will be in the same mock as them and draft with them, so there will be other users there if that happens, albeit sometimes it will be a rarity at odd times and in odd hours.

You have a generic mock (which is what I'm talking about above): fleaflicker.com and your league specific mock you can find on your league's Draft page.

NEdynasty5rings 5 years ago

if you try to enter a mock draft with other users in your league, is it possible to enter with a co-owner? in other words, can 2 owners, owning 1 team together, enter the same mock draft?

NEdynasty5rings 5 years ago