Gaald 5 years ago

So I don't know if this has already been talked about but I did some searching and I couldn't find anything similar.

So fleaflicker allows for IR which is great, it allows you to setup a maximum number of IR which is also great, it also allows you to setup what status is required before IR is allowed (out, doubtful etc.) which is fantastic. I don't have a problem with any of this.

Unfortunately what I do have a problem with is the system not forcing roster changes when a player who is on IR has a status change. For example the league I am in allows for players who are considered OUT to go on IR but there have been several times where that players status changes to doubtful for a day or so, and then goes back to OUT and as long as the team does nothing he gets away with not having to drop someone. I thought fleaflicker forced teams to make the change when a players status changed. Is there a setting our league has wrong that is circumventing that? Or is this working as intended, and if so can this be changed?

Also, I don't know where Fleaflicker is getting their status updates from, but it's garbage. It changes way to often during the week based on speculation and rumor. We used to do IR manually based on info from and players status changes were way easier to track as the info only updated twice a week. IR is almost made useless for non keeper leagues if you use Fleaflicker because the status of a player can change multiple times during a day! What's the point?

afootballnut 5 years ago

if your using their your expecting to much from ff they are not that accomidating and just get rid of the player or sit on him but ive never used ir it is not neede.on playing this game since 2003 its just not needed and and hard to use

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We receive our status updates based on official practice reports, official NFL injury reports and official NFL inactive reports.

The IR is designed to create extra space for a player who is definitely out. We change them as close to as possible as the NFL teams consider players. This is not a perfect science for us, nor the NFL -- we do our best to get it right.

Gaald 5 years ago

Well then I assume it's the practice reports that are useless. Great for keeping up to date on a player but having that players status change with every report makes IR damn near useless. That however doesn't answer the main question.

The main reason for my post was to see if maybe I have something set up wrong or if the IR system was working as intended. For example, Team A has a player on IR who is listed as OUT, but then that player gets listed as Doubtful, which in our league is not eligible for IR. This means Team A has an illegal roster and should be forced to make a move to rectify the situation, however the owner of Team A does nothing and makes no other moves for a day or so, and in that time the player on IR has another status change back to OUT, which now means he is eligible for IR again. Fleaflicker seems to reset as if everything is OK and no move is required.

That seems wrong to me. The team was allowed to carry an illegal roster for several days which meant the other teams in the league were prevented from picking up a potential drop by Team A.

Is this happening because of a bad setting in the league or is this an unforeseen glitch that can be taken advantage of.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

The illegal roster prevents teams from making moves externally (picking up free agents/claims; it's OK for them to keep and play with it by default and score -- it will severely prevent them from having an ideal lineup for the most part). It's not a glitch or a bug. As commissioner, it's our ultimate decision on how you want to handle illegal rosters. It's a function of our system and we won't change how that works. We believe our injury updates are some of the best and fastest and accurate.

Gaald 5 years ago

I appreciate the quick response thanks. Unfortunately I have a feeling the constant status changes for a player means there is yet another function of fleaflicker we won't be able to take full advantage of.

CHURCH 5 years ago

I can see that there are many issues that Fleaflicker will not address or change. Such as listing a player as "out" when they are clearly not out. You currently have both Ryan Matthews and D Thomas as out so they were placed on the IR in many leagues. In turn the teams that were able to place them on IR have grab players from the waiver pool and not allowed other teams to do so.

Very disappointing.

Thanks Fleaflicker...stand up job. I really appreciate that I brought this error to your attention via numerous emails and it was never addressed or corrected. You guys never even gave me the professional courtesy of responding. But I guess that's to be expected from a FREE site.

Back to RT Sports boys.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Those players were injured during their respective games on Thu and Sun. It's our policy to leave them with their injuries until waivers (the majority of leagues) run on Wednesday and then we move them back to their current status if healthy -- you can always check the blurb next to their name for info.

It's invaluable to have their game injury status there as it's an unfair to waiver claims to move them back on Monday or Tuesday -- bigger chance of messing waivers up. Both Thomas and Mathews left their respective games with injuries. We reflect that and eventually will move them back to their current status on Wednesday; it's being comprehensive on our end and giving the users and commissioners a better product in our opinion.

I do see your point. We'll take your feedback into account, but won't be changing the way we run things on that end in 2012 (2011 worked the same way) and most users did like it. It's done to prevent an even bigger mess with waivers and to do best to reflect current statuses. Fact is most players aren't updated until Tuesday night into Wednesday, when practice reports come out.

We're here to help you and hope you understand our policy. We are always looking for new ways to get better season to season, so we'll keep some options in mind for 2013 that you noted.

CHURCH 5 years ago

You are correct, "Those players were injured during their respective games on Thu and Sun." but they were not ruled "out" as Fleaflicker had listed them. Your flawed system changed a players status during a game, incorrectly I might add, and then you state "you can always check your blurb" that also stated the player wasn't "out".

"It's invaluable to have their game injury status there as it's an unfair to waiver claims to move them back on Monday or Tuesday" To the contrary its is dramatically unfair to allow teams to take advantage of your false reports. The player(s) were never out but Fleaflicker listed them as so immediately. Whats invaluable to us managers is proper information.

Answer these 2 very simple questions.

1. How can a player accumulate points when your status is "out"?

2. How can Fleaflicker have projected points for a player who is listed as "out"?

I regret to say that Fleaflicker not only lacks diligence in a product and service that yo claim to provide but there's an arrogance in doing so. I have seen in numerous "Fleaflicker Admin" replies this exact statement "in our opinion" and "we will not change".

I am in 13 leagues and 5 of those with 2 internationally ranked managers Todd Ullman and Jim Nicola. For the last 3 seasons I have been trying to get them to bring the leagues to Fleaflicker and even though they have never said anything specific about why they wouldn't they have brought up issues very similar to these.

Not correcting a mistake is MUCH worse than ever making it. This particular mishap has now created issues with me as the commissioner and with other players in my league. I no longer feel comfortable running my "for jelly beans" leagues on Fleaflicker. The family fun and FREE leagues I guess it will be ok.

I will also state that I do not appreciate sending 3 emails in regards to this problem with no reply. It only was addressed when I resulted to a public posting.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

The status moving to OUT in the game is irregardless to the matter. Like we said before, the moving of injuries during the game is to notify teams and users that they were injured and to be on the lookout to see if it gets more serious (check the blurbs and even more importantly, check our projections, they are accurate and are updated every few hours).

We won't be addressing the issue the rest of the season. I believe you have all the information you need above.

Gaald 5 years ago

How can you not see that as a problem! You have a system set up that allows leagues to set players on IR based on status! If you change that status It changes what teams within a league can do with their roster, giving teams that have players listed as OUT the advantage of carrying larger then normal rosters! Which means less players for other teams looking for legitimate pickups.

CHURCH 5 years ago

To the extreme contrary...moving them OUT is the exact matter. "the moving of injuries during the game is to notify teams and users that they were injured and to be on the lookout to see if it gets more serious" How can the status get more serious than "out"?

"(check the blurbs and even more importantly, check our projections, they are accurate and are updated every few hours) Fleaflicker doesn't track any changes in the players status, its a change then that changes stays until after the waiver. How can a player that Fleaflicker has listed as "out" continue to accumulate points during the game? Then on Tuesday, still listed as "out" have projected points?

FFCSR_Hal you have not only proven my point in my previous posting but you have now raised additional issues. Free fantasy sites attract many novice players and your incorrect information is dramatically misleading. I have been dealing with "how can that guy have such a high projection if hes out?" or "fleaflicker he was fine but ESPN says hes out and now its to late to grab another WR."

You Hal have now made this personal by replying "I believe you have all the information you need above." All of the post have said "we" so I can only deduce that you are either the owner or officer. Your sheer arrogance here is causing players to not want to continue to use Fleaflicker. "We wont be addressing this issue the rest of the season" again shows your lack of consideration to correct your mistake and your arrogance to admit there is an error.

Some of my players do not visit other sites for information seeing that I chose Fleaflicker so they just use your site. Some of them have now decided they can no longer trust your information so they have ventured off to other sites and now are asking why don't we use the other sites.

Gaald has said it best "If you change that status It changes what teams within a league can do with their roster, giving teams that have players listed as OUT the advantage of carrying larger then normal rosters" and if you cannot see this as a gross error then there are even bigger issues.

We cannot change players during a game so incorrectly changing a players status does not but cause confusion and waiver issues. At no time this past weekend did,,, or list Ryan Matthwes or D Thomas as "out." And as for using "irregardless" I am not even going to address that.

CHURCH 5 years ago

Just another perfect example of Fleaflicker misinformation. Right now, Friday Nov 16 @ 12:45 pm PST P Garcon is on my IR and Fleaflicker has his status as probable and the blurb has him as questionable. Which is it?

Gaald 5 years ago

I am going to have to agree with Church here. You claim your status changes to be accurate, but there have been several occasions this year where they have absolutely not been.

I think you need to take a look into the status reporting system, it may not be working as well as you think it is and if Church is any indication it seems to be causing issues with more then just my league.

I wouldn't be shocked if more leagues have seen the same problems and have just not said anything because they don't use the IR system due to it's erratic behavior.

ModiinMonsters 5 years ago

Another example. The whole football world except fleaflicker seems to know that Gronk is out with a broken arm, but fleaflicker has him listed as questionable.

What gives?


So if i have an illegal roster because of this & the scoring period starts, the games start, do i forfeit the game or any points?

rangerdave 5 years ago

No, unless your league has a rule set up for this.

CHURCH 5 years ago

Illegal by Fleaflicker standards means you can no longer make moves until the illegal player is corrected. So no you will no forfeit points or players.

But we had to accept a rule in my league after we figured this out that a line up is not eligible to play if you have an illegal roster due to a player in your IR spot that doesn't meet the criteria we have all agreed on t place a player on IR and in our league that setting is "questionable." Very very difficult for players new to fantasy football.