ClusterChuck 1 decade ago

Hi -- I'm trying to explain something to my league members.

I'm not totally sure about how the waiver process works. The Help-section concerning Waiver Claims located at: was rather vague (or maybe I'm just missing it).

But, after reading that, here's what I think it means: When the games start, every undrafted player is placed on "Waiver status." You have until the following Wednesday to claim any of the undrafted players. On Wednesday night, at like 11:59 PM, the waivers are processed, and whoever is in last place gets first dibs on the player they want, then the next to last place team, etc. After midnight (on the very first minute of Thursday), all the players in the undrafted pool revert to Free Agent Status (and therefore can be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis by any team at any time) until the next weekend's games start, at which point they'll get put back into waiver status.

That's my theory.

So that way, if Steve McNair gets injured (I know, that hardly ever happens... heh, heh), you can't just run upstairs at halftime and log on to the computer and grab an undrafted Billy Volek -- you can put in a claim, and the worst team will have first crack at him. Seems pretty fair to me IF it works out the way I think it works out.

Am I on the right track?

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Right--you will be unable to add claims all day Wednesday.

msondak 1 decade ago

If my waiver day is Wednesday . . . . claims need to be finished by Tues at 11.59, correct?

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago


That is 100% accurate.

Your Steve McNair example is great because it perfectly illustrates the need for waivers. It would be unfair to reward the users that happen to be next to a computer by letting them claim backups as soon as they become valuable.

Also, if a player is dropped from a team, that player does not become a free agent until he "clears waivers." That is, he is not a free agent until he goes unclaimed in the following waiver claim period.