Fade2Black 6 years ago

Why is there an inconsistency with how Fleaflicker classifies many LBs who play in a 3-4? I am referring to those that are sometimes called a "rush" or sometimes "will" (or other names depending on team, but in each case these players play with their hand down, on the line of scrimmage almost every down. For example, Terrell Suggs is classified as a DL/LB by Fleaflicker, while Demarcus Ware, Tamba Hali, etc, are just called LBs. There are quite a few others that should all be classified as Suggs is, or Suggs should be called a LB like everyone else. I think all players in this catagory should be classified DL/LBs by Flea for consistancy's sake and also in fairness for roster and starter requirements.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

These are handled on a case-by-case basis.

We actually use a bunch of different sources, some, but not limited to:

1) We look at the team's website and his position rankings on other NFL-related sites.

2) We look at film and see where he lines up/plays/is listed at.

3) The NFL gamebook is another main source.

4) Common sense and looking at where similar hybrids/tweeners are listed (we do our best to remain consistent)

5) Statistics as to where they lineup

6) These is usually a one-year grace period to remove that other dual eligibility and this is where you might be seeing the "inconsistency" -- it's in fact consistent. For example, if Mario Williams plays no DL this year, he'll be moved solely to LB, etc. If he lines up in a down position enough times in the 5-2, when they move from 3-4, he'll remain dual (like Suggs does).

Hope this helps. It's a tough process for our staff to do and even tougher to explain sometimes, so hopefully this helps.

rangerdave 6 years ago

Hal, you have done an excellent job explaining position eligibility this season. I like Doug, but his explanations last year were a little lacking in logic.

Fade2Black 6 years ago

I understand, thanks.

shockz 6 years ago