danguilm 1 decade ago

We switched from ESPN to Fleaflicker and I like the set-up so far, but there are a few things that I still don't know.

1) When do I set the draft order? We drew it already and I'd like to input it the same way. We have a draft at 10:10pm ET tonight.

2) If someone is unable to show up, will it be a problem to have their spots auto-picked? As the commish, can I accelerate the clock on their pick to make it go faster?

3) Where is the person's email address located in the profile? I was hoping to be able to send emails out seperate from the site and didn't see theemail listed anywhere.

4) Is there a player news service, similar to something on yahoo or Fanball on the site? I love alot of your functionality, but didn't see a news feed or depth chart list, etc.

Please email me if you can - thanks!



ClusterChuck 1 decade ago

I dunno about all that news and content stuff -- if I want to do research, there's a lot of places I can go.

I want this site, first and foremost, to be a place where I can run a fantasy football league.

I guess what I'm saying is that maybe instead of the 'jack-of-all-trades' approach, you should go for the 'master of the league interface.'

There's a whole lot of ship-jumpers from ESPN (I suppose), and if you can corner a piece of that market based on a easy-to-use superior interface, I would guess you would get a lot of return business.

Just my two cents worth.

P.S. We had our draft tonight, and my 10-team league really enjoyed doing that at this site. Thanks!

P.S.S. It was my pleasure to vote for this site at the Business Week Best of the Web Poll:


fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

As promised, you can now send private messages to other members of your league.

From the message board, click the "Send Private Message" link.

Or, from any team page (in your league), expand the "Team Information" box and click on the envelope icon next to the owner's name.

Some owners may choose to disable private messaging, in which case you will be unable to reach them using this feature.

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

The default draft order is random--once a private league fills up, we generate a draft order randomly, which you are then free to edit.

There is currently no way re-generate a random order, but it is certainly something that we can add.

Jeff714s 1 decade ago

Another question on draft order, i am in a private league and was wondering if I want an random draft order instead of me ordering them out. Does the cpu do that for you? Thanks

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Derek,

The answers posted by Paul are 100% correct:

1. Private leagues can set the draft order, but only after the league fills up. The draft order in public leagues is random.

2. If a team owner is unable to make it to the draft, they auto-pick will select a player for them within 4 seconds.

3. We are indeed working on a feature that will allow private messaging. In the meantime, you can E-mail important announcements to the league using the message board.

4. We will hopefully have more news and content as the season goes on.

Yambag 1 decade ago


1. in public leagues, the draf order is randomly generated. in private leagues, the commissioner can set the draft order once the league is full:

- click on the draft tab

- use the drag-and-drop list to set the draft order...very easy.

2. people who don't show up get skipped after 4 seconds--no extra work for the commissioner. the draft goes by super fast and smoothly.

3. i don't think e-mails are displayed but you can have message board posts e-mailed to the entire league.

i saw another forum post where fleaflicker said they were working on private messaging via E-mail.

4. you get some news from the homepage on the top left of the screen...but currently there isn't much content on here.