JTodd 1 decade ago

Does the League Commish have the ability to change a Team's line up after the first game of the week has started? Situation, Team owner was out left a voice mail with line up changes, Commish didn't hear the voice mail until after kickoff of last night's game. Owner wanted to remove a player from last night's game.

Also, I would think you could increase the Maximum number at a position as long as they didn't drop below the minimum in all other positions? ETL 9 starting positions and 18 max total. As long as you had the starting 9 mandated positions you should be allowed to add up to 9 identical positions.

9 Starters

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE

1 K

1 TM/Def

9 Bench

8 WR

1 RB



bbmficer 1 decade ago

how do i take a player off the bench to start in tonights game

Tim 1 decade ago


Is there any way for the Commish to alter the final score point differences to reflect the last minute line up changes ? (change points only, not the site line up for the week)

Regarding the maximums and minimums for positions. Initial set up asks for these for each position used per individual league.

QB Start 1 Min 1 Max 3

RB Start 2 Min 2 Max 6

WR Start 3 Min 3 Max 7


If an Owner drafted 5 WR, then decided to pick up 3 more WR, while releasing 2 RB and 1 K.

Currently you could have no more than Seven(7) Total WR and currently it will not allow the Commish to increase the WR Max since that option is turned off post draft. Position Minimums will still be maintained, just need to increase the Maximum in some cases.



fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago


Only a team owner can alter a lineup. And no player's start/bench status can be altered after their game kicks off.

I'm not sure I understand your question about maximums and minimums. Can you please explain?