budlee1979 5 years ago

I had a baseball draft today and the draft didn't start on time for the guy with the 2nd pic and he ended up with someone he didn't want. He was in the room with us waiting for the countdown but we've always noticed the countdown usually isn't sync'd between everyone but this year there wasn't a long delay as there usually is between the 0:00 and the start of the draft. Anyway, my question is, as commish, I paused the draft and tried to remove the player the system gave him and was going to give him someone else and restart it but it would not let me. In the end, someone else grabbed the guy he wanted and I did a roster edit once I had agreement with everyone after the draft. Any plans to improve the commish options during the draft? Thanks.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Sorry they didn't work well for you. They should have worked doing what you did. We are considering a whole draft room revamp for the summer. It is on the top of the agenda and something we consider very important; so the short answer is yes.

But we do support what you are trying to do. Again, sorry you had trouble.

jhwallace 4 years ago

I also had significant issues during the draft. Things worked well for my team, but several teams had issues being kicked out and during the draft and not being able to get back in. Other's had the same weird out-of-sync issues described above where they could not see what other teams were drafting and it would be their pick before they saw other teams draft. This was an issue with 3 or 4 teams in our 12 team league.

I really do hope you guys are able to make some improvements with the draft software. Thanks.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We will be. Do you know or can you ask what Operating Systems and browsers the users who had trouble were using so we can look into it even further?


PimpnaintBREESz 4 years ago