KidTwisted 6 years ago

What is the start date for winter '12 for Celebrity Leagues.

1) When does pre-season start?

2) When is the 1st day of play.


fleafounder Admin 6 years ago

January 1 is start of preseason, new season starts January 8.

KidTwisted 6 years ago

Thank You,

This will be my leagues 2nd year, thanks for keeping celeb around.

would like to see more scoring options, maybe separate fight/ jail and the others for a start.

Davy_CrockettTX 6 years ago

LOL. I can't believe somebody actually plays this.

KidTwisted 6 years ago

It's fun to play after football fantasy ends. We get the wives and girlfriends playing, good time for all ;)

ProLo 6 years ago

dont hate something youve never tried bfore

Davy_CrockettTX 6 years ago

lol you guys are silly.

ProLo 6 years ago

ive never played it b4 im just saying dont hate something uve nevr tried

Davy_CrockettTX 6 years ago

I really only hate on it because instead of adding features like start limits for baseball/basketball they add a ridiculous "celebrity" fantasy league. Kudos to the guys on here that play it with their wives, but come on, there are more important things that this website needs.

And really, how hard is it to type, "I've never played it before, I'm just saying don't hate something you've never tried before."??

ProLo 6 years ago

its not hard to just extremely lazy

fleafounder Admin 6 years ago

We don't actively develop the celeb game. All our games run the same software so any features we add to one game get added to all games automatically. It was just a fun experiment, we didn't invest time in it (it took less than a day to gather the data).

Our priorities for the upcoming MLB season are: transaction limits, starting limits, roto support.

Priorities for the 2012 NFL season: revamped cross-platform mobile app, revamped live draft room.

Plus dozens of other features.

I know there haven't been many changes lately but we're building the infrastructure that will allow us offer a much better experience in the future.

Davy_CrockettTX 6 years ago

Well this is great news. Thanks for the reply.

MattWTest 6 years ago

i just signed up and i think it would be nice if there was more content (news/articles/images) incorporated to this site. Its really important to me to have this type of content so I can possibly have this as my homepage. I like to check my fantasy teams but also read up on whats going on in the rest sport. It would keep my involved and keep me coming back.

It would also be nice is there was some type of facebook integration. Using the facebook api you'd be able to add comments, newsfeed posts etc which I would see when I check my facebook 10+ times a day. I would get facebook notifications etc.

is it possible you will be including an auction draft in your next release?



[Deleted User] 6 years ago

I know these are coming soon but is there a target date for these new features?

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

The targeted date for transaction limits and game limits are late March. We should have them ready for the start of the season, but no promises; they will definitely be done soon though and it's close. The roto and total points leagues will be rolled out very soon -- we'll keep you updated.

Our goal is to have everything ready by MLB's start, but like I've said previously, we want to roll one piece of production out at a time to ensure all is smooth with no bugs. It's in the best interest of the site and our users. We know how important the limits are and we'll have them done, it's close.

[Deleted User] 6 years ago

Any update on the transaction limits and game counters? I know we still a little over a week before the season starts but I'm antsy lol...