KevinPatnaude 5 years ago

Just wondering if there is anyway a commissioner can set keepers for other players teams in football? If not, and somebody doesn't set enough keepers by the set date, what happens to his team?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

1. You can set keepers at Commish Options->Edit Rosters->These are the keepers only -- only do this when all but the keepers you need to set are set

2. If they don't set their keepers, they'll lose them and gain extra picks.

3. You can't set them without clearing their rosters. Only they can.

KevinPatnaude 5 years ago

Also, can I set them without clearing the rest of the rosters for that team? I have a couple of guys who won't set keepers for fear of other people knowing who they are keeping, but a few people who wanna do mock drafts and want me to set just the top ranked players on the other guy's team so they can get a feel for their draft