sportstrucker 5 years ago

we seem to be having a problem with the blind bid system baseball Braggin Rights dynasty several teams put bids in for same player but the highest bidder is not getting the player please explain haw the blind bid system works thxs

sportstrucker 5 years ago

most current problem was for Matt Adams who I dropped again to see if we can figure this out

I bid $20 Az Dragons sportstrucker

ken bid $55 WVTribe II WVTF

yet Adams was awarded to me

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Please e-mail us these types of questions -- Hal provided the link below and it is here: -- we can better answer them there. I also don't see a Ken in that league. If you have the issue again, please e-mail us so we can diagnose and see what's wrong with more specific user names or team ID names.

I have not had an issue in my replication.

sportstrucker 5 years ago

I did his user name is WVTF his team name is WVTribe II

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks, we have an eye on that bid. Please correspond through that e-mail.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

If you can be specific as to what team tried to claim what player, we can answer the question for you. Send the request to our staff at --

1. Include your league link

2. Include the teams that were bidding for the player

3. We'll tell you where it went wrong

Blind bids work like this though --

I'd be careful to ensure no players went over the team max or positional max, or had a player in the claim already released or involved in another claim where they were not on the roster (in this case, the claim will not be valid).