GreaterNate 5 years ago

A team in our league moved Beanie Wells to his IR slot when he went on IR. Now that he's active again, though, he still has Wells in his IR slot. He was basically allowed to have a team of 17 active players this week instead of the 16 everyone else had.

Will FleaFlicker force him to change that or will he be "allowed" to leave an active player in his IR slot if he wishes?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

It's the correct behavior. Although he was moved, and it warranted him an illegal roster, he had 16 players on the active roster and Wells on the IR. Though Wells was moved from non-IR eligible, it gave him an illegal roster only -- he can leave Wells there, but won't be able to make any moves outside of his roster from here on out until this is addressed.

rangerdave 5 years ago

He will not be allowed to add players to his team if he has an illegal roster. Other than that, Flea does not penalize owners for illegal rosters. It is up to the Commish in each league to establish and dole out penalties for teams with illegal rosters. In most of my leagues, I will cut illegal roster players once the week ends if they were not legally on IR as of 9 AM on gameday and their staus did not change by their gametime.

GreaterNate 5 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to include a link to his team: