ElGranCabron 5 years ago


in reading the help section, the waivers portion is written from an NFL standpoint. wondering if in baseball, do you have the option to lock free agent players when their baseball games start each day?

looking to move my baseball league a site that locks FAs at game start.


FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks for considering Fleaflicker your new home. We're working on a new Help documentation that will be more sport specific.

Players will lock after their game starts like in football by default, but are available for pickup with a claim. Depending on your waiver rules (when it says Claim it will show you the processing time) is when the process will go through.

When you have your league, Commish Options->Edit Waiver Rules should help answer most waiver questions.

ElGranCabron 5 years ago

Great. Thank you!